The Joy of The Changing Mat

by Rob Watt

Tent camping can have it's challenges.  What do I bring? It this tent too small? What sleeping bag should I bring? Do I want to cook? How do I deal with bed head in the morning?  All very important questions dealing with the decisions on how to camp.  There is however one item we've developed that was so simple and solved many issues when out on the bike.  That product is The Changing Mat... a product that has so many uses while traveling on your Adventure bike, Dual-sport bike or even 4-Wheel Drive off road vehicle.

The Changing Mat was first designed as a ground cloth to throw down when fixing a flat tire on the motorcycle.  I wanted a place where the wheel and all the parts would be out of the dirt and for the most part stay clean.  The attached pocket which houses the Changing Mat when folded also works as a handy place to store small parts from the tire changing.

Back to where we started off.... Tent camping.  I soon found out there were so many uses around the campsite for The Changing Mat.  To start off, I don't know about you, but I hate to crawl out of my tent in the morning onto grass or dirt laden with dew from the night before.  The Changing Mat is perfect to slide under your tent at night and then pull out to make a clean dry exit mat.  It also makes a great spot to change your riding clothes outside your tent.

But don't stop there with your ideas of how to use the mat.  I've made complete meals on the mat when the picnic table was too gross or we really didn't have a place to prepare food.  The uses are endless....